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Satin Pink Scrunchies

Satin Pink Scrunchies

These Bella Rose satin scrunchies prevent breakage, frizz, and ponytail bumps without causing any damage. They don't leave marks when wearing them overnight and preserve your hairstyle in-between washes. Easy to sleep in and elimates tention on your hair. Sold in Sets of 3. 



    GM love! So your oil is amazing!!! A couple of months ago I had a wig installed And had a serve allergic reaction to the glue used to apply the wig. I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed 3 different creams and it did nothing! Your drops have healed it completely!! Thank you so much

    Would recommend: Yes


    Your product is the BOOM!!!

    My hair growth result in a month of using it correctly is UNBELIEVABLE & I’m beyond please! Y’all better get y’all so Bella Rose Hair Care 🌷


    Just became a client....ready to start my journey in this beautiful garden of Bella Rose 🌹...


    I am licensed hairstylist and I’ve been using Bella Rose hair care on my clients and myself. I can absolutely say IT WORKS!!!!!! Within a month you will see results!! No joke!! Talk about healthy, strong, beautiful growing hair, Bella Rose products is a must get and you will be satisfied!! Try it! It truly works!!!

    Over the last two months I’ve been introduced to Bella rose hair care and the results have been tremendous. I highly recommend you try her products both the oil and butter, you won’t regret it.



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